The Atlas Star ✧ Issue #10

A tale about building a new world…

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Sit down by the fire pit, Explorers, because this is where your journey begins. Prepare to take off and be guided through the realm of lore.

As another wave of product launches approaches, it’s time to shed light on one of the pillars that sustain the gaming metaverse of Star Atlas: Life itself, comprised of factions, races, planets, and every being that is part of the vast galaxy.

The story is one of the fundamental aspects of a traditional triple-A quality game. In the case of Star Atlas, we hope to provide the ultimate experience, made even more immersive through new technologies related to the metaverse, as our players own property and interact directly with the vibrant ecosystem of Star Atlas.

So, today, you will learn the current story of Star Atlas, its role in the project’s future, and how it entwines with the overall game system, to the point of influencing gameplay loops directly. We will also discuss the different lore products currently in development and how everything fits together in the greater scheme of things.

As is our tradition here at the Atlas Star ✧, the official Star Atlas newsletter wherein all things start and end, you will also learn the latest details related to project developments, partnerships, contests, assets, and everything related to our grand game.

In this issue, our Mierese astro bard is ready to mingle truth and myth in her rhymes, and she invites you to find a cozy place to appreciate the ballad we have for you. We hope you do enjoy it.

The Known Story

Nothing remains the same. Everything is in constant flux /// Triple-A Metaverse Work in Progress /// Immersive Unreal Engine 5 Experience.

The story of Star Atlas is the shared tale of how different civilizations rose to the stars and braved the marvelous unknown in star systems across the cosmos. It’s a story of valorous achievements and nefarious crimes, some of which are recorded in the halls of museums across the galaxy, and some that are buried under the ashes of forgotten worlds.

What we are talking about today belongs to the realm of the canon or the known story. Nevertheless, since we are nearing the time of perhaps another milestone of our galactic tale, it’s time we catch glimpses of what is currently hidden but may resurface when the time is due.

Although the galaxy is filled with billions of life forms and organizations, the Star Atlas lore is mainly focused on the story of the three more prominent factions: the Manus Ultima Divina (MUD), the holy representation of Mankind, The ONI Consortium, a conglomerate of different alien races, and the Ustur, a civilization of sentient androids.

The known lore starts with these three different factions discovering planet Iris and eventually waging a massive galactic-scale war for control of it. It begs the question: what is so special about this planet that it drives three civilizations to the brink of extinction?

The answer lies in the very nature of Iris, and this is where we should do our first dive to understand the fascination about the planet at the center of the galaxy and the unique zone around it, called The Cataclysm.

The Story of Iris and The Cataclysm

What secrets does Iris hold?

In forgotten times, the rogue planet Iris, full of invaluable materials, collided with seven child planets in a remote region near the center of the galaxy, creating, henceforth, “The Cataclysm.” In this area, a new form of free energy was born, an anomaly in the galactical order without peers. This unique resource, among other rare ones that can be found abundantly in the Cataclysm zone, makes it the most desirable treasure in the galaxy.

Another interesting characteristic of the Cataclysm zone is the presence of the mysterious Tufa, a race of hybrid mineral and organic creatures that appear to be heavily concentrated on the asteroid belts closer to Iris. Much is speculated about the origins of the Tufa and their relationship with the Cataclysm. Theories range from some saying they get their sustenance from the energy that comes from Iris to the planet being the actual living God of the Tufa, said to awaken at some point and lead them in a galactical crusade.

While we currently don’t know the real truth, what is certain is that the Tufa are guarding the outskirts of Iris, and those that want to poach its riches will undoubtedly face a zealous defense from the rocky beings.

Iris took a long time to be discovered. Due to an accident, or fate’s design, a group of space explorers from different factions stumbled upon The Cataclysm zone. They found Iris, scanning the planet and discovering the massive value of this galactic anomaly. This would later become the first intergalactic data block, which would be sold to the rival factions and spark the greatest war ever seen.

The Convergence War

The Busan Last Stand mk VIII

At this point, a slight detour to the years that preceded the Convergence War is necessary.

When Iris was discovered, the galaxy factions were in a development burst caused by their expansion and colonization of many different worlds across what is now known as the medium-risk zone and a few small colonies in the high-risk area.

The MUD had already harnessed the resources of Earth to propel their empire toward the stars. Following the summoning of the Photoli Ahr, they created a new unified religion and regime for humankind based on the leadership of Charon Gotti and the teachings they received. Humanity was now striving to earn their promised heaven in the skies.

The Ustur had awakened just a few years prior, finding themselves in a hybrid organic body and unable to access the memories of their past. Nevertheless, a calling was placed on every Ustur soul to experience reality and to expand their understanding of creation and themselves on all fronts, even spiritually. For this mission, their people also spread through the stars.

Finally, the ONI had just formed its Consortium. The people of the Om, Segal, Akenat, and Neuno systems had set aside their disputes and united in harmonious cooperation in hopes of building a better future. Paizul, a Sogmian race member and the Consortium’s first leader, had just reached power and found the love of her life, Bekalu. This warrior race led the expansion of the ONI people towards the center of the galaxy.

The homeworld systems of the three different factions were more or less equidistant from one another in the outer reaches of the galaxy, and so they also started almost simultaneously expanding their borders and influence towards the inner zones.

By the time Iris was discovered, all of them had already built extensive supply routes in the medium and high-risk zones, and all were ready to reach the cataclysm zone in deep space. They had little direct engagement before that point, aside from knowing the existence of the others, and one could imagine the surprise when all of them converged on the borders of the Cataclysm at nearly the exact same time with their scouting fleets.

A myriad of reasons, including pride, greed, and overall ignorance, kept the factions from settling a cooperative solution for the exploration of Iris, and a massive war broke out between the three groups.

There is no language in the galaxy with enough vocabulary to describe the nightmare that was the Convergence War. Entire words and civilizations were destroyed as the factions clashed across the cosmos. The prosperity built upon the expansion of the factions to the stars was turned to ashes, burnt to keep the machines of war and destruction flying from system to system to bring death and sorrow.

Among the many tragedies of this period, the leader of the ONI Consortium was assassinated, and her kind was pushed to the brink of extinction, with only 10,000 Sogmians left in the universe. Her husband Bekalu, followed by the remaining members of their race, proceeded to their homeworld for her funeral, and as his love’s ashes burned in a beam of light, Bekalu left a wrathful howl and swore to lead their people to victory, no matter the price, rattling the assembled crowd to the core.

After a few more years of this conflict, Bekalu’s promise finally came to fruition in the form of the ultimate weapon: the MK VIII Busan Last Stand. This titan ship served as both a home for the Sogmian and the core of the ONI fleet, and whenever it appeared on the horizon, destruction was sure to follow.

It wiped out entire armadas in the blink of an eye.

At this point, every faction had already overstepped their capacity to finance the conflict. Aside from the incalculable number of lives lost, the faction’s populations in their home systems were plagued by poverty, famine, diseases, and civil unrest for the mindless slaughter and destruction of goods that the war effort caused. The appearance of the Last Stand was the last drop of galactic patience with this conflict that had dragged on for many years.

It was beyond the time to stop. So, finally, the factions signed the Treaty of Peace, issuing a new era in the galaxy.

The Golden Age of Space Exploration

The Council of Peace Headquarters

As soon as Armi.eldr, Bekalu, and Charon signed the Treaty of Peace for the Ustur, ONI, and MUD factions, the galaxy started slowly healing. The leadership of each group did everything in their power to integrate the factions, trying to mend the wounds caused by the war. After years of effort, general understanding and cooperation started to prevail.

A key feature in the recovery of this social and political ecosystem was the Council of Peace, a multi-faction organization with jurisdiction over all intergalactic disputes, focused on the welfare of the citizens of the galaxy by leveraging the cooperation of different civilizations.

One of the highlights of this cooperation was the formation of StarPath, a chain of warp gates that allowed goods and services to surpass hundreds of light years of distance in a matter of seconds. This marvel of infrastructure caused the different faction economies to be closely and peacefully entwined.

This period of regrowth also demanded the retreat of the different factions from their high and medium-risk zone colonies. The few resources that were left had to be focused on reconstructing the infrastructure in the factions’ own homeworld systems, leaving the old colonies to their own fate in the depths of the void.

After nearly a century of reconstruction, economic and cultural prosperity returned under the governance of the Council of Peace, the main face of the success of the factions’ peace was embodied in the many ships that hurried toward the horizons of the low-risk zone without fear, carrying wealthy people from one planet to another.

Many prominent manufacturers introduced their new models to the galaxy, some of them as companies working under two different manufacturers’ tutelage, like Calico, Ogrika, and Opal, whose models became more popular day by day.

It’s in this era when paradise is meeting reality in the faction homeworlds that our players, captains, entrepreneurs, and explorers are called to fly into the void in the name of their factions and brave the unknown.

The Day After Tomorrow

What awaits us behind the curtains of time?

Although a small part of the galaxy is able to live a very comfortable and fulfilling life, this is not the reality for most of the citizens outside the low-risk zone. The populations of the worlds left to their own fates have faced many challenges in the last decades after being cut off from the intergalactic economy and law systems.

Most of the planets and colonies in the inner reaches have been controlled by regional warlords or rogue factions such as the Jorvik and ECOS and submitted to their harsh rules. Nevertheless, some would argue that was indeed a lucky fate for the citizens outside the faction order, as some worlds were simply plundered, enslaved, or outright destroyed by the galactic conflicts that erupted after the factions had withdrawn.

This vacuum of power has yet to settle properly. Still, members of the newer generations of Ustur, MUD and ONI have started, once again, to desire the legendary Iris and the worlds full of riches in their old colonies.

The pressure inside the factions’ leadership and the Council of Peace are almost tangible, as leaders of different DACs and organizations, who hadn’t lived through the Convergence War, desire their share of the galaxy’s prosperity in terms of resources and territories.

No one can say for sure what’s going to happen next in the galaxy, and the current status quo is starting to give signs of fatigue. Nevertheless, the stories of the Ustur, MUD, ONI, and the rest of the galaxy are open to being written by explorers ready to risk their fate for their convictions.

The Unknown Story — A Glimpse in The Future

Now that you are up to speed with the condensed story of the MUD, ONI, and Ustur, let us introduce you to how you can keep up with their adventures and the different products that we have in the queue to expand the vibrant lore of Star Atlas.

Our first project in that sense is the Graphic Novel, a comic book designed by the legendary Tim Mcburnie whose plot is set in the past of Star Atlas. As we don’t want to share any spoilers, we will limit ourselves to saying that Tim’s stories will dwell on a question: what is worth risking your life? This will be an epic tale about the values of MUD, Oni, and Ustur cultures clashing in the depths of space. A must-read that will be available for our community later this year.

The second project is the Weekly Roadmap Reports. Every week our community is able to follow the adventures of Lieutenant Wenn, a human raised in the harsh environment of a medium-risk zone salvage yard determined to make the galaxy a better place for everyone. Through his and other characters’ adventures, our community is able to learn organically about the enormous variety of planets, organizations, and philosophies that comprise the current state of our metaverse’s social and political structure.

The third project is Moon Station 6, a partnership between Star Atlas and Audio Up to develop our lore in the form of an exciting podcast! In this project, our community will learn about the underworld of the galaxy’s prisons in a great plot that explores the faction’s past and an Ustur journey for justice. Of course, you will also want to keep up with this exciting exploration of the galaxy of Star Atlas!

Aside from those three projects, we at ATMTA never stop working on the expansion of our galaxy story. In the near future, we are planning on sharing exciting new initiatives that will lift the veil from significant parts of the lore of Star Atlas, allowing our community to learn more about the details of MUD, ONI, and Usturs. Keep your eyes and ears open!

The Punaab Whisper — The Atlas Star Tabloid

The Opal Bit Boat

Welcome back to the Punaab Whisper, dear readers!

Today, my assistant and I, Libra.iddt, have decided to investigate a pair of self-called “punaab accountants” who have been terrifying the good citizens of our galaxy.

Our team has tracked many different depositions that have been surfacing in the last weeks about the coups perpetrated by the infamous duo, and their “modus operandi” seems to be the same on every “operation.”

First, they approach good-hearted citizens of the galaxy, saying they are a duo of innocent punaab brothers needing a ride to a neighboring star system. They would say they were accountants that didn’t know how to fly ships, and as soon as you let your guard down, they rob you of your ship, leaving you stranded on whatever planet or space station you find yourself.

We managed to find the first person to suffer from their scam, a human who identifies himself under the alias DaveyB. After his video went viral across the galaxy — which you can watch here — DaveyB has been promoting a movement to get people across the galaxy to speak up and raise awareness about the dangerous punaab duo.

As we spoke, DaveyB started by saying that he loves punaabs, and one of his best friends was a punaab who used to work as a security guard in a DAC called Panemorfa. He also pointed out that he never intended to call ATMTA personnel ‘couch muffins’. He was just an honest working human looking to deliver his cargo in his shiny, new Opal BitBoat which he had purchased using his entire Atlas life savings. But those two — we believe their names are Sbugolz Jr and Kaiki — were cunning thiefs who exploited his benevolent heart as he stopped to take a stroll.

He added that they also took his jacket, made of the finest Plenib leather and the cargo he was transporting.

With tears in his eyes, DaveyB said that he only finds comfort in the condolences he has received from the community, especially the videos of support.

We wish DaveyB all the luck in the world with his new journey, whatever that may be.

Upon researching the punaab names that DaveyB gave us, we discovered that they were affiliated with the infamous Jorvik pirate Mr. Sbugolz, said to be part of the highest tier of the Jorvik leadership and original member of the “Freedom Smile”, the lead ship of the Jorvik.

We went all the way to one of the secret moon prisons run by the Council of Peace, the location of which, for safety reasons, we are not allowed to disclose. We managed to schedule an interview with the old rat, Mr. Sbugolz, but he refused to talk with your faithful veteran reporter, a member of the true punaabs, and would only talk with young Libra, who, in a magnificent example of journalistic integrity, agreed to face the rat alone. Here are the notes of their quick meeting.

“Libra.iddt: So, Mr. Sbugolz, it seems your children are going across the galaxy, causing chaos in the star systems in the medium risk zone. Is there anything you would like to say?”

“Mr.Sbugolz: KIKIKIIIIIII, ohhh the rats are sure squicking upon their old father rotting in this dump which you call a cell, huh? KIKIKI. Father is sure proud, and don’t worry, boys, we will be reunited soon. KIKIKI.”

“Libra.iddt: Erhm, I’m sorry, sir, but your sentence is many times longer than the probable lifetime of a punaab. How do you plan on meeting them?”

“Mr.Sbugolz — KIKIKI Oh my beauty, it’s not a matter of how it’s a matter of Wenn! KIKIKIIIIII!”

After this, the old rat left crackling with his weird laughter and left Libra by herself wondering about his last phrase.

What could that mean? Our guess is as good as yours, dear reader, and we should take care of those two criminals for what it’s worth. In fact, we should all try to help the Council of Peace forces to apprehend these criminals and lock them up in the same prison as their father as soon as possible.

Should you have any information on their location or any information that could lead to their imprisonment, make sure to contact the Council of Peace security forces.

As always, we are honored by your attention, and we hope to bring you the news about those criminals and much more as soon as possible! Have a wonderful week from all of us here at the Punaab Whisper!


In this second part of the Atlas Star, we will address the latest updates in terms of corporate infrastructure, lore, and overall updates!

The Atlas Brew

The action never stops in the Atlas Brew! Our weekly community event where Star Atlas fans from all across the galaxy come to discuss the hot topics of our project development!

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Roadmap Lore Reports

The surface’s stillness of ice and cold hides the monster that sleeps below/// Metaverse in Light Speed Expansion /// Immersive Blockchain-Powered UE5 Experience

Wenn and the group have been going through dangerous adventures deep in Planet Gerio, and our latest weekly roadmap reports shed light on the planet’s harsh past and present events! Read the links below to learn more about their stories and the overall affairs of one of the most dangerous areas in the Star Atlas galaxy.

Our lore resumed on episode number sixteen, The Truth About Gerio — Part I: Star Atlas Roadmap Scan #16. When all hope is lost, the group prepares for a last stand against the manifestations of the creature Atoph in the depths of Gerio’s mines. Pawn touches the door scan, and the door miraculously opens, recognizing the presence of Doctor Ammarena Star Sight, also known as Pawn and Fang’s mother.

In the next issue, the plot thickens in part II of the previous tale. In The Truth About Gerio — Part II: Star Atlas Roadmap Scan #17, secrets about Gerio’s past are uncovered. Fang and Pawn need to fight their emotions and keep a level head while digesting the dark history of this mysterious planet.

GAO Phase 2 Progress

A legendary ship for legendary salvage missions

Pearce D9

The Pearce D9 is a machine for disassembling ships, components, and loot from the remains of the enemies of peace. This marvel of human engineering has every tool you need to acquire and safely transport the spoils of your victory.

Projects Report Weekly Update

We also have our weekly roadmap update in place! As usual, we let Wenn and the others rest on Atlas Star week, but please enjoy the latest updates from our projects developments!

Project: Showroom Alpha — Weekly Update

Concept Art: DONE /// Art: DONE /// UX/UI: BUILDING /// Game Design: DONE /// Blockchain: DONE /// Core Gameplay Development: BUILDING

Updates: Product distribution preparations are in progress.

Upcoming activities: Finish product distribution

Project: Ship Missions — SCREAM — Weekly Update


Updates: Continuing to define explicit requirements for core gameplay mechanics and game systems design, with a focus on defining the combat mechanics through prototyping. Working with economics team to define Starbase upgrading and crafting. /// Cargo, Crafting, Player Profile, Points, and Points Store programs almost ready. Ship escrowing completed, finalizing movement, started crafting at a starbase and fleet configuration. /// Continuing wireframes and interaction flows, with a focus on the HUD system, structure system, and inventory system. /// Continuing building SCREAM screens and elements. /// Started economic modelling of Starbase crafting and upgrading. /// Started Outliner UI, updating warp and impulse movement functionality, continuing performance and visual stress testing of fleets. /// Working on starbases and planets.

Upcoming activities: Continue to define explicit requirements for core gameplay mechanics and incorporate feedback from SCREAM stakeholders. /// Build, peer review, and test programs on testnet, then audit. /// Review wireframes with Project Stakeholders. Continue to iterate until wireframes are approved. Hand over wireframes to UI team. /// Continue to build out UI screens and elements. /// Determine game balancing tactics/ contingency + scenario planning. Model levers for starbase crafting and upgrading. Economic modelling for hangar spaces, LP, XP, fleet configuration, econometrics, and SCORE to SCREAM transition strategy. /// Build towards playtesting and validate gameplay loops that require higher fidelity game. /// Build towards playtesting and validate gameplay loops that require higher fidelity game.

Project: Star Atlas DAO — Pre-alpha Improvements

Product Design: PLANNING /// UX Design: DESIGNING /// Web Team: BUILDING /// Blockchain: STANDBY /// Economics: STANDBY

Updates: Cookie manager updates. /// General enhancements in pipeline. /// Coinbase and Exodus wallets added. Landing page update for ATLAS staking. // ATLAS staking Audit feedback received; Rewards refinement in process.

Upcoming activities: Gathering requirements for proposals. /// Faction PVP totals. /// Publish dev tools for POLIS and ATLAS locking.

Project: System Polishing

Bug fixes: -

New Features: Added Exodus and Coinbase wallet support. /// Improved mobile support.

Upcoming features: Mobile improvements. /// Sorting and table refinements. /// User-driven improvements (survey and interviews). /// New Homepage / Landing Page. /// [UI] Enable click to copy buyers and seller’s address. /// [BUG] some sell orders cannot be canceled. /// [Program] Royalty fees and ATLAS locking. ///[UI] Improved item listing.

Known issues: -


Star Atlas is a next-gen gaming Metaverse emerging from the confluence of state of the art blockchain, real-time graphics, multiplayer video game, and decentralized financial technologies.

Real-time graphics technology using Unreal Engine 5’s Nanite allows for cinematic quality video game visuals. Blockchain technology using the Solana protocol establishes a largely serverless and secured gameplay experience. Non-fungible tokens obtained and traded within Star Atlas create an economy that replicates the tangibility of real world assets and ownership. To learn more, visit, join a faction at and send your spaceships on a deep space mission by enrolling them into a Faction Fleet.


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