The Atlas Star ✧ Issue #2

This edition of The Atlas Star is brought to you by Star Atlas… the next-gen gaming metaverse where you live out your dreams.

Pearce X in Battle Mode WIP /// Future Blockchain Based NFT In-Game Asset Center /// Owner/Player Builder Enabled

Star Atlas is proud to deliver original long-form updates covering our latest news and backstage sneak peaks.

The journey to reach our N° Star has thus far been an interstellar experience. Across all facets of our star ecosystem, (Marketing, Design, Production, Development, and Operations) our working efficiencies are taking priority along ongoing management optimization frameworks. It’s truly inspiring to witness the ReBirth of a metaverse°

This work would not be possible without the support of our community. Much light to you and yours. Co-founder & COO, Pablo Quiroga

Coverage includes:

  • Star Atlas Economics for the People
  • Community Growth and Traction
  • Design & Development
  • Roadmap Updates
  • Partnership Announcements
  • Media Related Activities

How is Star Atlas gearing up for the lift-off?

A quick recap about Star Atlas next-generation economics.

A Note from the CEO’s desk: Michael Wagner - “Power to the people!”

Many have claimed that a fully functional perpetual metaverse is an impossibility. In most historical cases, this would have been an accurate conclusion. However, the collective ‘we’ exist within an emergent innovative frontier. The combination of technological evolution and financial revolution has given rise to a new class of assets.

As we embark upon the journey of life within the Star Atlas Metaverse, it is important to pay homage to the contributions of those before us, without which, none of this would be possible. To the misfits. To the rogues. And to the renegades who refused to accept the imposition of the will of the powerful. Without this unique class of individuals, which form an alternative collective ‘we’, nothing we are working on at the Star Atlas team would even be feasible.

The future we are building within Star Atlas is that of a true alternative digital life. Fueled by genuine opportunity for the industrious, experimental and alternative governance systems, social inclusion for all, and true fundamental economics. For the first time in history, the line between real currency and digital currency can be blurred sufficiently to foster a true alternative economic system. One which resides both inside and outside of an alternative virtual reality at the same time. Schrodinger’s Economy, if you will. Prior to blockchain, cryptocurrency, and the proliferation of decentralization, none of these concepts could be brought to life. The ‘elite’ ruling class would not allow it.

It is with great pride and pleasure that we embark upon this journey with you, our fellow members of the community. The road ahead is uncertain at best, and treacherous at worst. But through our collective efforts, we can navigate this grand Metaversal experiment and discover the vast opportunities available to all.


Whenever our prehistoric ancestors gazed up into the night sky, they understood that the stars shining above were both the past and the future, the place of their origin and of eventual return. Among many things, they saw the firmament as a generative force whose state directly guided and influenced their own.

One thing they likely didn’t see when looking above was opportunity. They could not have suspected that the decades of discovery leading into the 21st century would be the pivotal point for how humanity perceives space. It’s only recently that we’ve begun seeing it as a place to reach for safety, for survival, to flourish as a species and achieve transcendence. Focusing our thoughts, ideas and spirit on the cosmic frontier, a new goal suddenly appeared: we want to make it there.

SCN Planet WIP /// Future Scanning Gameplay Loop Environments /// Owner/Player Landbased Mining Station

Channeling these aspirations of humanity, Star Atlas manifests this future orientation in the present. Anyone who enters the metaverse has the ability to seize the galactic opportunities here and now, all thanks to technological breakthroughs so new that they seemed unfathomable just a decade ago.

Among the many innovations the Star Atlas metaverse brings on all fronts, a truly game-changing one is its economics. The Star Atlas Universal Marketplace connects all players in game to buy and sell assets and pay others for in-game tasks.

With the ability to trade all asset types, a world of limitless opportunity opens up, facilitating a true transfer of power to the people. This breakthrough enables the time and effort spent in-game to reflect beyond the game environment and vice versa.

Mining Site WIP /// Future Scanning Gameplay Loop Environments /// Owner/Player Landbased Mining Site

Players will place bid offers or purchase immediately for the buyout price. Due to the permanent loss during normal economic activity, all assets are considered deflationary. This deflationary, asset-burning mechanic ensures that assets are unique and of finite supply unlike in traditional online games.

Bringing economic innovation beyond the Marketplace to the Star Atlas multi-tiered engagement zones, players can seek out riskier activity with the allure of greater rewards. Those brave enough to explore the deepest regions of space forfeit the safety provided by NPC-populated zones. Through technology-enabled seamless smart contract asset assignment, players entering these zones put their ships and crew on the line. A loss of a ship leads to a permanent destruction (burn) of said NFT asset. The victor in these engagements will claim spoils of the battle in the form of salvaged NFTs, however, at only a fractional random share of what was destroyed. Further, certain farmed materials are non-permanent, and will be destroyed as they are consumed for use. i.e. materials used in construction (reduced return when deconstructing an item for material recapture), fuel, temporary boosts, etc. Finally, covered in greater detail later, the Star Atlas development team is also committed to a token repurchase and burn program, based on both traditional revenues and in-game revenues. The result of this mechanic is a natural deflation of assets in existence over time. Particularly as more players seek the rewards in the most dangerous security zones.

Vzus Star Ship WIP /// Future In-Game NFT /// Owner/Player Star Ship

New NFT assets will be released periodically by the game developer with careful consideration surrounding the inflationary impact of release. Analysis of current demands for assets by new players, growth in user-adoption, asset availability on NFT marketplaces, and the natural deflation of assets resulting from high-risk zone engagements will be conducted prior to the release of a new tranche of assets. All efforts will be undertaken to reduce negative impacts to players and asset holders resulting from these future sales. Particular emphasis will be placed on assets released in earlier versions with power bonuses or otherwise unique benefits bestowed upon them.

The 90-day roundup

How it feels to travel 90 light years in 90 days

A Note from the CEO’s desk: Michael Wagner

Ready or not, warp drive has undoubtedly been engaged. We have seen incredible growth across every aspect of the company, and the results, I believe, are clearly evident. Internally, we strive to build and deliver the highest quality content and information the public requires to understand both our vision and our mission. To effectuate this dissemination of information, we have ramped efforts considerably in our communications division, hiring five new team members to manage a variety of community interactions. Community growth and engagement has improved with dramatic results. Ultimately, everything we do is driven by and for the community, and as such, these efforts are imperative to our success.

Amongst the many exciting developments of the company, the mobilization of the team surrounding our ReBirth Collection launch has been amongst the most impressive. This intricate coordination of activity will become obvious to the art connoisseur on April 24th, with the official public launch of the sale. We have worked tirelessly to design beautiful art, enhanced by augmented reality, coupled with musical talent, marketplace listings, unique pricing models, bonus packages, as well as the formal release of our very own Star Atlas Marketplace, which will ultimately become the home of our in-browser minigame. And while this original collection provides immediate benefits to the consumer, the sophisticated buyer will soon realize that a lifetime of benefits will also accompany ownership.

Operating at two seconds per second is not simple, but it is what the community deserves.


After our design and development team’s growth spurt in the previous quarter, we have strengthened our ranks with new talent to form a dedicated metaverse marketing team. Coming from across the Americas and spanning from the northern Rockies high up in the Arctic all the way to the Andes and the Pampas of South America, the five-person strong team is here to nurture and grow our interstellar collective.

On the design team, our resident artist and passionate multiverse designer Sarah McCulloch decided to dive into the mycelium of technology in the spirit of Star Atlas. She minted her first NFT, which resulted in a successful NFT sale — and it meant the world to her. She auctioned off the first ship she created using all of her knowledge she had picked up through the years. Congratulations to Sarah for her achievement, the team loves and supports her work!


Inspiration and innovation derived from a dream wake state is the ultimate collective experience. Star Atlas is a space for global citizens to live out their dreams while creating, playing, and learning together.

Among exciting community news, we have witnessed the first Star Atlas Treaty, struck on our Discord server. Just like the treaty between the factions in Star Atlas, the guilds involved have agreed to cooperation for mutual benefit and immortalized their contract by turning it into an NFT. The leader of the Interstellar Alliance, Kristian Dragnel and Dxparra|BTB, the leader of the Trading Alliance, have thus made history with a first-ever trade agreement in the blockchain gaming space. Congratulations!

Star Atlas Community Driven Development /// Star Atlas Discord

On April 8, we got together with our community on the Star Atlas Discord server to host the very first Star Atlas Town Hall in the Atlas Amphitheater. The occasion was marked with great success, a giveaway of a brand new Pearce Space Bike NFT and a lively exchange of curiosity and ideas about the metaverse.

To give you a taste of how close and personal the Town Hall got in case you weren’t there to witness the historic occasion, look no further than the ‘Corn Bread Gate’. While he was about to break the suspense by answering a series of technical questions on in-game mechanics, Star Atlas Tech Lead Michael Lu profusely apologized for having to bow out and leave the town hall discussion for a few minutes. The reason? He was in a battle with time to take his artisanal homemade corn bread out of the oven. As you can see, the mouth-watering jalapeno cheddar delicacy turned out perfectly, and Michael was happy to jump back into the Town Hall afterwards. But an important question remained: Will he share the recipe? Stay tuned and don’t miss the next Amphitheater event to find out!

Star Atlas Corn Bread /// Star Atlas Town Hall Community Moment

Star Atlas has also been firing up neurons of university students around the world. At the Cal Poli Pomona University in California, the FinTech and other student clubs have been eager to learn more about all aspects of the metaverse and be part of the new future it’s creating. It is inspiring to see that the vision we are manifesting into the world resonates so deeply with the next generation of humanity. We are thrilled to see the youngest members of our community getting deeply involved in our innovation space.

Our social media community, which has been breathing, living and dreaming Star Atlas with us has kept its steep fully organic growth trajectory across our social media platforms over the last 30 days.

Over the 30 days, our Twitter account has clocked exponential traction with 1.2 million tweet impressions and close to 50,000 engagements, gaining 4000 new followers (now well over 7300 in total). In addition to the likewise growing Discord and Telegram communities, that is where the bulk of our action is.

Star Atlas Twitter Account /// 28 Day Twitter Analytics Summary

To give back to our community for the unwavering love, support and enthusiasm we have been receiving over the past months we started dropping spaceship NFTs to our fans using a fair ‘luck of the draw’ approach. By now, several members of the community are getting ready to hop on their new Pierce X4 Space Bike and take it for a ride around the space block. Follow our Twitter activity for the new round of giveaways to get a chance at becoming a Space Bike rider yourself.


It’s a designers paradise

A Note from the CPO's desk: Danny Floyd

Major strides have been taken since the last newsletter. We can view these within the framework of three major efforts. These efforts are Concept Design, Game Production, and Marketing.

Concept Design

The Concept Design team is our strongest effort in production at the moment because we are still deep in pre-production as we are in the process of fully visualizing an entire universe from scratch.

The Ships and Vehicles Team is currently in the concept phase for 14 different ships. They are of all different classes and sizes that are chosen specifically to define the different functionality of each ship role and to define the shape and design language of the 7+ different ship manufacturers.

Pearce Hulltank WIP /// Future Blockchain Based NFT In-Game Item /// Owner/Player Star Ship Owner/Player Customization Enabled

The Environment Design Team is hard at work on conceptualizing three major space station environments. This includes the ONI Central Station where many players will eventually call home, the Council of Peace Station for those POLIS lovers to wield their political might and the Pirate Den black market station for banished factions members to conduct their commerce.

Through the concept process on mining structures, the mining gameplay has taken a major leap forward in defining how that will look and feel in the full game.

Mining Station WIP /// Future Mining Gameplay Loop Environments /// Owner/Player Landbased Mining Station

The Character Design Team have been defining additional race types and have made especially great progress in defining what human bodies, fashion and equipment of the future look like in the universe of Star Atlas.

Game Production

Production on the mini game continues with impressive accuracy as the Engineering Team brings forth the vision from the UI/UX Design Team. They have also introduced a series of embellishments on the mini game that the Design Team are unable to practically mockup. Embellishments like integrated wallet connections with UI transitions and animations that are impractical to mockup but seeing these in the final product really brings the platform to life. The engineers are setting the stage to allow a healthy level of polish and a very refined experience on launch of the mini game. As well, seeing the Poster marketplace preparing for the ReBirth Event is extremely exciting!

  • Hiring has started on the full game production and will surge after the mini game is released.
  • Efforts on the procedural population of the universe and all of its celestial bodies have begun. Due diligence is being put into utilizing Houdini and transferring over those parameters through a plugin in Unreal Engine.
  • Visual Effects(VFX) in Niagara(Unreal Engine) have also matured nicely. We are using the best available talent and technology to push the limit in VFX design.
  • The ship production pipeline designs for Unreal have been drafted. This will evolve over time because we will have to branch ship content for real-time dynamic ship assets as well as Nanite, cinematic quality showroom assets.


Production collaborates heavily with Marketing to keep the community satisfied with the content we are creating. These efforts include the ReBirth poster event assets, the launch of our website version 3.0, and the production on our upcoming trailer. We have just today put the final touches on the initial batch of 13 posters in this event. It has been a major effort that has been going on for months now and I’m pleased to say we are more than ready for this event to go live!

We have kicked off the official major overhaul of the website. This will include a fully immersive web experience and not just an informative landing page. This will go a long way in grabbing the attention of all interested people who want to learn everything about Star Atlas but also to be shown the quality level that is capable when you get the right creative minds in the same room together.

The trailer team has been deep in the pre-visualization world for the past couple of months and have officially kicked off the full production last week. We are also ready to source top music composition talent, voice and acting talent to execute on what I think will be a mini cinematic masterpiece with a really fun surprise coming with it.

Once again, I find myself in awe of the capabilities of this production team. Nothing is short of the best quality this industry has to offer. If you have a moment, please view the portfolios of the team members on our website. When we are fully able to share all the magnificent works of art that are being created behind the scenes then everyone will be able to see what I am so incredibly excited about for Star Atlas.

Pearce X4 WIP /// Future Blockchain Based NFT In-Game Item /// Owner/Player Star Ship Owner/Player Customization Enabled


The countdown has begun

A Note from the Tech Lead’s desk: Michael Lu

It’s been a wild few weeks for the engineering team. Since our last update, we’ve begun laying parts of the groundwork for the core gameplay loop, infrastructure, and on-chain game mechanics. Blockchain is key to the Star Atlas vision. We’ve already made tremendous progress towards some of the essential features on our roadmap like player item trading and currency exchange.

Our Blockchain Development team has started producing early versions of how players are going to enlist in either the ONI, Ustur, or MUD factions. For your player account, the faction you choose will be permanent. At the same time, we’ve also been looking into how to structure player organizations/guilds. Stay tuned for more on that!

Shameless plug: we’re hiring! If you’re an Unreal, TypeScript / React, Solana or Serum developer who is interested in contributing to this galaxy, feel free to reach out to us at

Anyone who knows a software engineer understands just how much hair-pulling and lost sleep is involved in making sure that your code doesn’t break. Being decentralized gives us a huge advantage in this for some mechanics and assets, and for the rest we’re focusing hard on the reliability and scalability of our systems. Star Atlas is going to be a second reality for some of us, and it’s important that no matter what part of the world you’re from, you’ll always be able to plug into our universe and have a fantastic experience.

Another big question we’re mulling over is culture. Not in-game culture, team culture (though the Oni are looking pretty fly). It’s the little decisions we make and conversations we have now, early in the project, that will have long-lasting effects on the team and the quality of our game. While it’s still an ongoing conversation, we’re clear on two goals: one, to create an environment for our engineers that stimulates creativity and two, to be uncompromising in the quality of our work. The universe we’re creating is immense, and to not realize that vision would be a sin.

Thanks for catching up. If you have any ideas or questions for us feel free to join our community discord channel. The dev team loves hearing your ideas!

What's next?

Roadmap Updates, Partnership Announcements, and Media Related Activities

A Note from the Head of Communication’s desk: Matej Mavec

As a planetary organism, we have truly arrived at the edge of our being. Now, in this liminal state, we await resistance to turn into support — to borrow from the market parlance. This frontier staring at us ahead is also a void. It is where the vastness of space, the cold exactitude of blockchain and the perpetual extension of all our faculties through technology coalesce. But to go forward beyond this frontier, we also have to go inward. We have to draw on our human essence to imbue the uncharted cosmos with meaning and purpose. This is precisely the mission of Star Atlas. We are equipping humanity for a journey into a metaverse, a future of freedom and opportunity for all. Come join us.

Recent Partnerships & Events

Roadmap Updates

  • April 24, 2021 /// Launching of Re-Birth: Genesis of a Metaverse NFT Art Collectibles Series 14 Week Drops of Meta-Posters
  • July 24, 2021 /// Galactic Asset Offering Launch /// Browser Mini Game Launch

Upcoming Partnership Announcements

  • Licensing Partnerships
  • Creative Artist Collaborations

Media Related Activities

  • AMA with TehMoonwalkeR’s High Table, April 14, 2021, 7PM UTC (12PM PDT/ 2PM EDT)
  • AMA with Blockchain Space, April 16, 2021, 5:30PM UTC (10:30AM PDT/ 12:30PM EDT)
  • AMA with the Crypto Society, APril 22, 2021, 5PM UTC (10AM PDT/ 12PM EDT)
  • Additional AMAs and events will be announced via our social media channels


Star Atlas is a virtual gaming metaverse emerging from the confluence of state of the art blockchain, real-time graphics, multiplayer video game, and decentralized financial technologies.

Real-time graphics technology using Unreal Engine 5’s Nanite allows for cinematic quality video game visuals. Blockchain technology using the Solana protocol established a largely serverless and secured gameplay experience. Non-fungible tokens obtained and traded within Star Atlas creates an economy that replicates the tangibility of real world assets and ownership. To learn more, please visit

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