Player Referral Program

a next-gen referral program built for web3 communities

StarPath is a community-friendly initiative that is focused on recruiting space pioneers for the journey of a lifetime, where new opportunities are discovered, where the stakes are high, participation is recognized, and performance is rewarded at the Faction and Individual levels.

Individual contribution Tiers


Tier 3

Prosperity Marks


items unlocked

3 Ships, 5 Items

items unlocked

Tier 2

Prosperity Marks

2,500 - 13,749

items unlocked

6 Ships, 2 Items

items unlocked

Tier 1

Prosperity Marks

0 - 2,500

items unlocked

7 Ships, 1 Items

items unlocked

Individual rewards are calculated on a tiered basis, this will enable participants to accrue rewards. Your rank in the Reward Tiers will reset at the beginning of each year.

  1. Get a link

    Join StarPath to unlock your unique referral link and statistics.

  2. Enlist recruits

    Send new recruits to Star Atlas through your unique referral link.

  3. Earn Rewards

    Marks can be redeemed for ships, in-game items, and Faction boosts.