The New Galactic Marketplace — A Small Step for Trading, a Huge Leap For The Star Atlas Metaverse

As the foundation of Star Atlas continues to be built, our players will experience more exciting engagement in all aspects of the game. In a few years, everything will be entwined in a fully immersive digital world. Let us walk you through the past, present, and future of exchanging goods and services.

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All beings in the galaxy understand the language of Atlas /// Metaverse in Light Speed Expansion /// Immersive Blockchain-Powered UE5 Experience

*“I have yet to meet the sentient being that doesn’t react well to the alert of new ATLAS deposits in their wallets.” — Eivyd “Treasure Hunter”

“The New Marketplace is the strongest tool for peace in the galaxy. We of ATMTA developed this network so that every individual will be integrated instantaneously through a chain of logistic affiliated businesses to allow the acquisition and sale of goods from every single terminal connected to our system. This serves a dual purpose, to spread wealth across the galaxy, allowing everyone to participate in our economic system, and to entwine the economic interests of every person and institution in the galaxy. If people don’t serve the cause of peace from a moral standpoint, let us make it deeply hurtful for everyone if they want to start a war.” — The CEO of ATMTA*

As we started to build our dream, the ATMTA team quickly realized that one of the main pillars of the Star Atlas metaverse would be the Galactic Marketplace. It’s vital in many ways, starting with the ability to let our community buy and sell NFTs and other in-game items to express their commitment to participating in an economically active ecosystem.

Nevertheless, the new galactic marketplace in Star Atlas is envisioned to be much more than a trading mechanism. Aside from the enhanced performance in terms of the classical ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ which will now require only three clicks, the Marketplace can now serve another priceless function in the Star Atlas ecosystem: Integration.

The Galactic Marketplace will become a central hub providing access to different gaming and metaverse experiences and allowing economic activity to flow in and among those experiences. The integrated experiential and economic sum of those parts is what defines Star Atlas.

This integration will take place on the blockchain, in-game logic, in Unreal Engine immersion, and on the web — all in a single system. This will have an immediate and long-term impact on all Star Atlas products. For example, your balance in the StarPath program will be available there as you acquire rewards by successfully referring people to Star Atlas, and you can use those proceeds to acquire new game assets and deploy them into gameplay loops — all accessed from the Galactic Marketplace.

The capacity to integrate these projects into the marketplace structure is paramount to the success of Star Atlas, as it opens the path for the true purpose of the Marketplace in Star Atlas’s vision: An open, in-game market structure, creating opportunities and meaningful interactions within the Star Atlas metaverse.

What we mean by this is that the Galactic Marketplace will be a metaverse in-game structure, resonating with the game’s political, economic, and cultural layers as another instance of gameplay. It will be part of Star Atlas’s player-driven decisions and will impact and be impacted by our community decisions.

Here is a list of some of the things that we are exploring for the future:

  • Guilds and community artists will be able to craft and trade their own NFTs, allowing the surge of different industries linked to art and culture.
  • Regional DAOs and Faction DAOs will be able to tax or even outright ban products from their respective branches of the marketplace, allowing the entwinement of the political and economic layer of the game.
  • ATLAS locking will permit the accrual of rewards and other benefits linked to the marketplace structure and utility.
  • Different kinds of operations based on smart contracts.

In summary, we want to create the closest experience to how free markets function in the real world and translate them to Star Atlas, allowing our players to be the driving force behind it. Our future goal is to enable you to experience directly, through VR technology, the excitement of in-game market activities in a thriving and beautiful metaverse.

Due to the very nature of the Star Atlas ecosystem, we believe this will create many exciting career and gameplay loops, allowing a vibrant industry of in-game insurance, risk management, and overall finance to be born.

This is another step into granting our community the most immersive and engaging metaverse experience in the world, allowing another step towards a strong economy that supports players’ ability to earn income through a dedicated career in Star Atlas.

This exciting journey starts now with the integration of this next phase of the Galactic Marketplace that will be deployed soon.

Are you ready to explore the different facets of the economy of Star Atlas?

Perhaps you will pilot one of the freighters of goods through the galaxy, fulfilling contracts made in seats of power? Or are you interested in the life of venture capital, investing in the exploration of forgotten worlds in the High-Risk Zone, risking capital to win? Or do you believe the economy is just another arm of politics, and you will do whatever it takes to protect your faction’s economy, even if it means prohibiting the trade of other faction’s products?

The possibilities are endless, but at the end of the day, the Galactic Marketplace will dictate how the ATLAS will sing. Get ready for the future, and good luck in your enterprises.

The market is open for business.

Using the new Marketplace

There are many new features that improve the speed and ease of using the new Marketplace. You’ll notice a faster and more intuitive experience, whether you are on your desktop, laptop or mobile device.

We’ve introduced new tools to discover, search, sort, filter, and bookmark items.


You’re now able to filter, conduct smart searches, and sort for the items and orders you want.

For example, if you want to browse only small ships, or only orders for small ships, you can now do that.

There’s also a new sidebar that allows you to discover items more easily. And you’ll now have access to data insights that will tell you whether you’re buying or selling orders above or below the market price.

How to create an order to buy or sell

Rather than buy from or sell directly to an existing order, you can create your own orders and set the prices as you wish.

Step 1. Use the ‘Search Marketplace’ field to quickly filter the item list, or navigate through the drop-down menu system to browse all the products in each category.

Step 2. Click on the item you wish to buy or sell.

Step 3. Click the ‘Create Order’ button.

Step 4. Agree to the Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy.

Step 5. Connect your wallet.

Step 6. Select ‘Buy this item’ or ‘Sell this item’.

Step 7. Verify the Quantity to sell, price per item, and currency are correct.

Step 8. Click the “Buy Item” button.

Step 9. Approve the transaction.

Step 10. An Order Complete / View My Orders notification will appear when your order has been processed.

Final Note. It is no longer necessary to claim your orders. Successful purchases are immediately moved to your inventory, so it’s less like a trading exchange and more like a true marketplace experience.

Different under the hood too

The bones of this new Marketplace are also very different from the previous version. As we further decentralize our tech stack and move away from Serum, it allows us to do new things.

For example, players will have the ability to buy and sell assets directly with other players — so it will feel much more like a true MMO style experience. If you want to buy from or sell to a certain player or a particular guild, you can do that.

New on-chain gaming servers

Even with all of these new features, we knew we had to push even further on the innovation front. That’s because most other play-to-earn games aren’t truly decentralized, due to the fact that the load of so many on-chain transactions happening so rapidly would slow the game to a crawl.

Our new game servers act as a smart layer, filtering out data that isn’t immediately needed and thus eliminating lag.

In the future, as we release more game mechanics, this will allow our players to get reliable + real-time data and communication.

Still have open orders on the old marketplace?

You can close them by following these steps.

Seeking further clarity?

See our how-to buy and how-to sell videos for an easy walkthrough!

Head to our Knowledge Base for answers to all of your questions.

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