Thrilling to the CORE – Star Atlas Releases Epic Graphic Novel

Explorers are now able to immerse themselves in this comic adventure set in the vast universe of Star Atlas.

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Members of the Star Atlas community, prepare to meet a team of fellow adventurers!

CORE, the new, episodic graphic novel from ATMTA, Inc., has everything you’d expect from an interplanetary saga, including mysterious worlds, ruthless villains and heart pounding action. The story, which brings to life the Star Atlas universe for the first time, is being released to the community in individual chapters. The first chapter was made available to the public on November 7th.

The narrative of CORE is set just before the start of the Convergence War and focuses on Gyun, a MUD protagonist still reeling after a visit to a planet in the High Risk Zone ends with a catastrophic blow to his team. It’s a tale of heroism, heartbreak, plot twists and epic adventure.

The award-winning creative team is pulled from the best illustrators, world builders, and authors in the space. Tim McBurnie, the lead artist and author on the project, is an award-winning illustrator and author who has worked for Blizzard, Wizards of the Coast, and Blur Studios. Matt Medney is the Head Writer at Star Atlas and the CEO of the legendary and recently revived comic/media powerhouse Heavy Metal.

“This is a story that builds upon what continues to make Star Atlas successful – a rich and complex world, deeply entwined with the technology used to push the boundaries of immersive storytelling,” said Tim McBurnie. “This project is the first time that readers are getting a chance to dive beyond the lore of the original Rebirth posters.”

Readers can access CORE via a new section of the Star Atlas home page that features an integrated reader. Only those who have purchased a CORE Chapter 1 SFT will be allowed access to the reader and the enhanced reading experience. Every issue of CORE will be available for purchase for $20 from Magic Eden or the recently updated Star Atlas Galactic Marketplace. Each chapter will only be available for 2 weeks. Each retail outlet will offer their own collectible cover to each chapter of CORE, as well as unique, extra lore in the final pages of each issue.

In addition, owners of the CORE SFT can enjoy a very special bonus in our integrated reader: Hidden in the pages of each chapter are secret messages and clues to the mystery of the ARC Cypher. Any reader who purchases all 18 chapters and deciphers the overarching code will receive a single, collectible, hardcover edition of CORE and a complete digital copy, each made up of all 18 chapters, as well as a ship skin based on the graphic novel.

In addition, the first 5 clever adventurers to complete this challenge will be able to participate in an e-meeting with the CORE writers.

It will be up to the most dedicated solo adventures, coordinated guilds, hardy swashbucklers, and clever janitors to collect every issue and find the hidden messages contained inside.

The Voice of Iris

Members of the Star Atlas community may have heard rumors of a related matter: a mysterious phenomenon that has been quietly and unofficially confided among friends across the galaxy for generations. Certain explorers have felt a ‘whisper’ — often unheard by those around them — guiding them at key moments, either away from unseen danger or towards hidden treasure. It has become common to refer to these transmissions as the ‘Voice of Iris’ though there is no direct evidence it has any connection to the legendary planet.

We mention this here because recently individuals of different races and civilizations have claimed to be receiving instructions, this time about something called ‘CORE’.

To receive updates on these transmissions, sign up here.


Star Atlas is a next-gen gaming metaverse emerging from the confluence of state-of-the-art blockchain, real-time graphics, multiplayer video games, and decentralized financial technologies.

Using Unreal Engine 5’s Nanite, real-time graphics technology allows for cinematic quality video game visuals. In addition, blockchain technology using the Solana protocol establishes a largely serverless and secured gameplay experience. Non-fungible tokens obtained and traded within Star Atlas create an economy that replicates tangible world assets and ownership. To learn more, visit, join a faction at and send your spaceships on a deep space mission by enrolling them in a Faction Fleet.

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