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The Wheels of the Galactic Economy Never Stop Spinning /// A Metaverse in Expansion /// The Showroom Work in Progress

It’s time for another edition of the Atlas Star: The Galaxy’s most famous newspaper of record is ready for you, Captain!

This issue will take you on another journey into the Star Atlas metaverse economy and reveal the secrets of one of key industries that keep the goods and services flowing through the Galia Expanse.

We are talking, of course, about the freighters that will brave the unknown to put the food on the table of MUD, ONI, and Ustur explorers throughout the universe.

As you fly deeper into this nexus of the Star Atlas economy, you will see how the dots connect resource generation mechanics, which we investigated in the previous issue, with resource distribution pipelines, today’s main topic, going forward all the way to the end of the galactic production chain that makes up the “offer” side of the economy.

In addition, you will also learn the latest news in the Star Atlas ecosystem, from claim stakes deployment to the updated state of the development roadmap. You will once again be up to speed with everything going on inside Star Atlas.

So sit tight and enjoy the trip! We are going through a Starpath to learn everything about freighting!

The Galactic Supply Chain

An Intergalactic Station /// A Metaverse in Light Speed Expansion /// We Are Star Atlas

In our last edition, you learned the basics of the metaverse economy by investigating how raw resources are introduced into the game through the claim staking system, allowing you to mine/harvest different resources in the many different planets and asteroids of Galia Expanse.

We also explained that a few in-game designs gate the acquisition of the said resources. Aside from creating the infrastructure of your mining or farming operation, you will also need to understand previously discussed concepts like Security, Resource Richness, Resource Hardness, and Appropriate Skill Proficiencies if you are to conduct a successful operation on the dangerous planets of our galaxy.

Nevertheless, the activity of extracting resources from planets is not an end in itself. Although a crucial step, those raw resources need to find their way into factories and markets in order to generate profit and allow the galactic economy to prosper.

In fact, just as (almost) nothing comes out of the void in Star Atlas, nothing moves through the void by itself, so players will also be responsible for moving the goods from where they are extracted to places where they can be put to use.

Gravity-Defying Galactic Goods

This is the second part of the offer side in the economic equation that rules the Star Atlas free market, the distribution of goods through supply chains, and this is the topic that we are going to analyze now.

To do that, we are going to begin just where we left off in the previous edition, starting the moment after extracting the raw resources from a planet.

After your crew members’ heroic work under your daring leadership, you managed to extract precious ores from the entrails of a forgotten planet! Awesome! But there is not much time to celebrate, as a new cycle of your business begins immediately! Your ore is just sitting idle in your deposits, and idle ore doesn’t magically turn to ATLAS!

Aside from that, idle ore can be concerning, mainly for two reasons. First, that ore occupies storage slots that, once maxed out, will oblige you to discard resources, and second, it is an invitation for raiders and pirates to try their chance against your defenses and steal your precious work.

So, the faster you can give that ore a proper destination, the happier your Punaab accountant will be.

Nevertheless, it will often be the case that the products you are selling in your planetary or even star system marketplace won’t be adequately priced in face of the potential gains that you could have in more distant markets, so it might be a good idea to try to sell those products outside your claim-staked world.

The reason for this is intuitive and straightforward. Star Atlas spans an enormous galaxy, and each planet/star system can only produce a small percentage of the total variety and quantity of the necessary resources for your prosperity, so the rarity and, as consequence, the price of the resources are priced on the scarcity of them in a specific star system due to the forces of the free market.

On the other hand, you won’t be mining alone inside your planet and star system, and the other players will be able to generate the same type of resources you will generate at a nearly equal pace — given their industriousness matches yours, of course.

This means that even if you are extracting a rare resource in other places of the galaxy, there will be an increased supply of this resource in your home system because you and other miners will compete to sell them to the visiting buyers.

Henceforth, should you want to maximize your operation’s yield, you or someone else will need to fly their ships and transport the resources you produced to other star systems, where they will pay a fairer price for your hard-earned resources.

This sets the stage for one of the most intense gameplay loops in Star Atlas, the freighting industry, the very lifeblood of the Star Atlas economy.

The Charm of Space Freighting

Before you set your foot out the door, you will need a good understanding of the movements of the intergalactic marketplace to know where to take your goods and the skills necessary to get you to your destination. The game is on when you leave your station with a ship full of valuable cargo.

Oh, and rest assured — none of your travels will be the same even once.

That’s because Star Atlas is a world where players’ autonomy and the environment can change the galaxy scenario in the blink of an eye. As you venture through the Starpath, the chain of warp gates that connect the civilized part of the galaxy, you will surely see and experience many events that will influence the outcome of your journey.

Here is a small list of some potential occurrences:

  • Siege or embargo in a star system
  • Pirate factions or guild attacks.
  • Outlaw of imports in the star system.
  • An all-out battle going rampant on the star system.
  • Creature attacks.
  • Taxation of imported goods.
  • Anomaly events.

Nevertheless, as you have already deduced, all this risk associated with freighting will only serve to make this activity more valuable for the game economy because it’s necessary for the DAC (Decentralized Autonomous Corporations) and Faction operations to function!

You will surely see, for example, the governors of different regions setting scouts to protect the segments of Starpath under their jurisdiction to attract trading and the flow of goods to advance their star system.

This, and other organic developments of the Star Atlas economic design, will create a vibrant universe full of opportunities for those who are skilled and daring enough to venture into the depths of the unknown!

Safety and Danger in the Galia Expanse

Talking about the unknown, it’s also interesting to note that the freight industry has different levels of risks based on the routes they decide to travel inside the Galia expanse.

Our universe is divided into three types of areas, the Safe Zone, the Medium Risk Zone, and the High Risk Zone. Each of these comes with different rules regarding what happens with your ships and assets in case you get attacked and/or destroyed by other players or NPCs.

The Safe Zone, as the name soothingly suggests, is a place where you will be fine even if you get attacked and destroyed by others. Neither your cargo nor your ship will be in danger of permanent loss, and in the worst case, you might have some repair bills to pay for the damages that you suffered during the attack.

In the Medium Zone, the game gets more intense. Even though your spaceship NFT won’t be destroyed, you will lose all the cargo you were hauling on your trip, so aside from the cargo value, you will also lose the time spent and the fees to get your ship repaired.

Finally, there is the great unknown, the High Risk Zone, a lawless area in our galaxy created to support the most experienced and daring players in a high risk/ reward game scenario. Should you get destroyed in this zone, you are losing not only your cargo but also your very ship NFT. Even though most of the game’s rarest resources can only be found in those areas, you should think three times before venturing into those primal star systems, as the consequences of loss there are harsh.

On a final note, it’s worth mentioning that there isn’t actually a “single freighting” system in Star Atlas. In fact, as one can imagine, it requires very different ships and setups to freight works of art, diamond ore, or livestock. As we release more content on the different career paths inside the game, you will see that the freighting industry is a world in itself, just like every other gameplay loop in Star Atlas, that we hope you will all enjoy exploring.

Now, as this brief introduction to our supply chain industry is complete, let us take a look at our latest release, the claim stakes!

A New Blockchain Program Begins — Deploy Your Claim Stakes!

Claim Stake in the Lower Earth Orbit /// A Metaverse in Light Speed Expansion /// We Are Star Atlas

Talking about Claim stakes, it's our pleasure to announce that Star Atlas players can now use their galactic structures in the Faction Claims app!

This is our second fully on-chain Star Atlas gameplay feature release after the Faction Fleet enlistment (SCORE) and will allow players to generate resources (R4) for their ships in the said program according to their claim stake tiers.

This is just a small perk of owning claim stakes, though. Their primary function is colonizing the Star Atlas galaxy planets, allowing our players to extract resources from the many exotic planets in Galias Expanse, which will be coming in future releases of SAGE.

If you are into the resource extraction business, like mining, farming, and more, those are must-have structures for you! So keep your fleets sharp while we develop the world of SAGE for you to colonize your own planet with our claim stakes!

The Punaab Whisper — The Atlas Star Tabloid

The Book of Recipes /// Star Atlas Derivative Concept Art

Welcome to the yummiest issue of your favorite news outlet!

Today, your humble reporter discusses a topic that everyone in our galaxy loves! A topic that has literally reshaped the lives (and figures) of billions, driving the curiosity and desires of citizens of all standings across the Galia Expanse.

We are talking about food, and the impacts of a unique work, the Book of Recipes.

The Book of Recipes, written by the Ustur Chef and Hunter Vieast.Bod only finds a contender when compared to The Guide in terms of relevance for our current galactic society.

The story of the revolution set by this bold Ustur dates back to the later days of the Convergence War, when members from different factions had prejudice and bias against one another, and the distrust among the people of Galia threatened the creation of an intergalactic society.

It was then that Vieast set on a journey of his own. He wanted to explore the galaxy and the many different foods that existed, not caring about the origins, aspects, hands, or pawns that made them.

The Ustur simply wanted to eat good meals and realized that every culture in our galaxy was locked on its own traditions, methods, and ingredients, causing the knowledge about food, and the overall experience of sharing it, to be extremely limited by species.

He decided to travel across Galia, making friends and learning about ingredients from every corner of space while compiling his experiences and trials.

The android adventure took him from the depths of Akenat to the Cataclysm, and once he found some interesting new ingredients, he would experiment and compile them into recipes. This process ended up creating the Book of Recipes, a compilation of 100 entries divided into categories based on the rarity and complexity of the dishes.

The book was published at the end of the war and was an instantaneous success, as Galia citizens delighted themselves with the cuisine of other cultures and the exotic new dishes. The work also started a Food Hunter career in our galaxy, drawing young and talented chefs to explore other civilizations and try to reproduce the exotic recipes created by Vieast.Bod.

To this day, we are often surprised by new creations that utilize elusive new ingredients found by the daring chefs in the inner parts of the High Risk Zone. Although I have yet to experience one of those fascinating creations, rumors have it that those who tasted them felt strangely revitalized, as if something changed inside them after tasting the fruits of the unknown.

Whether this is true or not, we will continue to partake in this age of food appreciation, celebrating the diversity of galactic cuisine, and filling our bellies with feasts! As always, your humble reporter and his assistant Libra.Iddt appreciate your undying support of the Punaab Whisper!

Until the next edition!

Ecosystem Updates & Events

The second part of the Atlas Star summarizes the latest updates and events since the last publication.

Star Atlas CORE Episode 6 is Coming!

The Sixth Episode of Core is Coming! /// A Metaverse in Expansion /// We Are Star Atlas

The sixth and final episode of the first part of CORE, the Star Atlas Graphic Novel, is coming on April 19th! This will be a massive edition with bonus content for you to enjoy while we take a small break to prepare for the second arc, coming in July!

As you will soon learn, it's not easy to escape Mondra 7. Attackers from all sides besiege Gyun, Moda, and Timpo, and their hopes lie in taking wild risks and trusting each other, which is increasingly difficult given the circumstances.

Will they be able to escape? Even if they are able to, what awaits them on the other side? Learn this, and much more, by acquiring your CORE Episode 06 on April 19th, 2023!

As always, make sure to pay attention to the ARC cipher and unlock the secrets of CORE. If you haven't checked out Episodes #1, #2, #3, #4, and 5 you are missing out on all the fun!

You can also sign up for the newsletter here and get extra lore content about Star Atlas.

The Atlas Brew

The Atlas Brew has been on a record-breaking popularity streak! Every episode, we see more and more people excited about the Star Atlas Metaverse, flocking to the many discussions our hosts Santi, Dominic, and José propose. Check out what they have been up to!

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Roadmap Report

Project: UE5 Showroom — R2.1

General /// Level Art: BUILDING /// Engineering: BUILDING /// Gameplay: BUILDING /// SFX: BUILDING /// Veh: BUILDING /// Characters: BUILDING /// UX/UI: BUILDING /// Animation: BUILDING /// VFX: BUILDING


Performance optimization, Implementing new analytics system, Main menu changes, HUD updates. /// 1. Volant Station map: Ground racetrack — WIP — Level design is complete, only minor adjustments are expected: added relief elements that make gameplay more fun. — Various racing attributes are added. /// 1. Marketplace implementation — UI implementation — WIP 2. Ship Flight Model Improvements — Make gravity definable per-ship — Hoverbike friction overhaul, so it can simulate things like over/understeer — Flight Model BP clean up — Making sure the ship has a well-defined center for gameplay purposes (which may differ from (0,0,0) — Rescaling thruster/friction values to have same physical base — Wrapping up consolidating ship collisions for the currently flyable ships 3. BP refactor — Gameplay Ability system — Working on GAS for Thrusters — Working on some passive abilities not being applied to the PlayerBike BP — Replicating openable objects with GAs — Fixing replication bugs — Making audio cues working with the new GA System — Users should now be able to shoot in new flyable ships — Update Damage Calculation Class to roll over extra damage — BP Clean up. 4. Gravity for Train — train movement component for the single player implemented — bug fixing for MP. 5. Text chat — Global chats working in UI. 6. Character customization tool in progress — Save and load customization to player profile — in progress — Materials' color curves customization — Mockups are done now widgets need to be made for the UI implementation. 7. Global and Direct chat interface — Chat manager interface is working properly. 8. Gamepad control — bug fixing — adding new controls. /// 9. Ground Race Track — Race UI tweaking in progress, fixing issues with replication — Ground race multiplayer lobby complete — Working on leaderboards during the race and showing celebration screens. 10. Train experience — Bug Fixing. /// 1. Two new race items prototyped (Chaff & Wall) 2. Added Rear View Cameras 3. Five new ships race able (Airbike, Jet, Jetjet, Lowbie, Unibomba) 4. Ships granted unique flight profiles (first general pass complete) based on MFG and Spec 5. Ships granted unique stats and bonuses based on MFG and Spec 6. Enemy AI ships in Dogfight using GAS. /// Progress made on the Airbike, Lowbie, Opal Jet. /// Reprioritizing animation and VFX tasks: FloydLine — Reviewing lighting & exterior materials. VZUS Solos — Waiting on full art review. VZUS Opod — Interior bedrooms. Calico Scud — Waiting on full art review. Pearce C9 — Blocking out interior. BYOS Packlite — Final Art. Pearce R6 — Adding elevator. Pearce X6 — Interior lighting and material pass. ECOS Unibomba — Animation. Fimbul Lowbie — Final Art. ECOS Greenader — Interior blockout. Pearce X4 — Animation. Opal Jetjet — Animation. Opal Jet — Seat Adjustment. /// — texture fixes for 2.1: Exo, Repair, Support — ready — texture fixes for 2.1: Commander — in progress — squid octopus ready to be implemented. /// 1. Marketplace mockups updates. 2. Title screen updates. 3. HUD updates — in progress. /// Character animation. /// Character Selection Screen VFX in progress.

Upcoming activities: 1. Completion of the release 2.1 scope.

Project: SAGE v0

Web: BUILDING /// Blockchain: BUILDING /// Design: BUILDING

Updates: — Scavenger internal play-test complete, most comments incorporated. — polishing movement UX and UI — adding final features (scanning, global prizes...) before launch. — started UI/UX for resource extraction and crafting. /// SAGE program audits complete — Continuing to work on Blockchain Playground. /// Working on high-fidelity designs for resource extraction and crafting.

Upcoming activities: Launch Scavenger Hunt. /// Incorporate minor updates as per the audit report. /// Work with the front-end team to implement the designs.

Note: all on-chain programs associated with SAGE will undergo cybersecurity and threat modeling prior to the official launch.

Project: Star Atlas DAO — Usability Improvements

Product: BUILDING /// Web: BUILDING /// UX design: BUILDING /// Data: BUILDING /// Infrastructure: BUILDING /// Blockchain: BUILDING

Updates: STARBOARD is the codename for our web2.5 authentication solution that we're using for proposals discussion. It allows users to connect to our off-chain discussion board service by signing a message with their wallet pubkey. Updated the privacy policy and terms of service. Fixed issues with revenue segmentation charts and claimable eras calculations. Improved the user interface by adding the app version number to the More page. Fixed a bug with unclaimed rewards on the locker list. Fixed the phantom+chrome double disconnect bug. Re-enabled simulate PublicKey functionality. /// Proposals components in progress. /// Proposals designs close to final. /// Analytics pipeline improvements (token prices, DAO income). /// STARBOARD: docker-compose images for devs.

Upcoming activities: Redundant backup feed for treasury price data. Logging improvements. /// Ingest locker blockchain data for history improvements. /// Authentication feature.

Project: Graphic Novel


Updates: Episode 6 is done. /// Episode 6 is to be released.

Upcoming activities: Episode 7 is in progress.


Features / Bug fixes: — Live updated to v0.7.0 PRE-ALPHA. Faction Claims launched. Galactic Marketplace polish.

Features in pipeline: DAC Platform.


Star Atlas is a next-gen gaming metaverse emerging from the confluence of state-of-the-art blockchain, real-time graphics, multiplayer video games, and decentralized financial technologies.

Using Unreal Engine 5's Nanite, real-time graphics technology allows for cinematic quality video game visuals. In addition, blockchain technology using the Solana protocol establishes a largely serverless and secured gameplay experience. Non-fungible tokens obtained and traded within Star Atlas create an economy that replicates tangible world assets and ownership. To learn more, visit, join a faction at, send your spaceships on a deep space mission by enrolling them in a Faction Fleet, harvesting resources with Faction Claims and download the Showroom on your PC.


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