Start Sequence Continues: From Claim Stakes to Space Crops with New Solarpunk Poster Series

Terrafarming equipment manufacturer steps in to support deep space expansion and mining claim stake balancing, rewarding ReBirth Pioneers

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For the prequel to this story, read The Path Towards Tomorrow Part II.

The CEO took a deep breath and began: Today is a unique day in the history of CARY Farming.

What started as a dream shared by a small group of concerned MUDs and Miereseans has now become an industry that spans the safe havens of our homeworlds and beyond to the far reaches of civilization where the ghost of famine still haunts hopeless families.

(Since the Mierese are not big fans of written language, we kindly ask their MUD friends to read this document aloud to their Mierese brethren.)

You, the first farmers – and allies of those first farmers – joined together to make this enterprise possible, allowing the Calico Agricultural Research and Yield Farming company, our CARY Farm, to put food on the table for the forgotten and vulnerable, to push away the terrorists of ECOS who would rather see entire planets succumb to hunger than to embrace the science of sustainable food production.

You, your efforts, your faith, and your diligence allowed the new framework proposed by CARY to spread across huge swaths of the galaxy. As a token of our support and appreciation, we have prepared an exclusive series of unique assets portraying key milestones in our company journey, so that no one forgets that it was you who stood here with us, making all of this possible.

As the CEO of CARY, it’s my privilege to announce the release of the "Solarpunk - Sustainable Vision of Tomorrow” series to celebrate your commitment, our galactic pioneers, to our mission and the future that awaits us tomorrow.

Our challenges are still many, but there is no doubt in my heart that we will look back on these trying times as mere bumps in the road on our long path to victory.

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Original Galactic Transmission 456333.3 from ATMTA Inc:

All galactic adventurers can rest assured that the original claim stake supply and pricing for the Start Sequence will continue as before. These values have been carefully chosen with the current SAGE game design and ecosystem data in mind. The SCORE utility will also remain intact and players with Claim Stakes will be able to supply all of the R4 emissions for their ships in SCORE according to the following schedule:

Claim Stakes Deep Dive: Value, scarcity, and utility

In Star Atlas, Claim Stakes have not changed in their utility, purpose, or vision since day one. Claim Stakes are not designed to be high ATLAS yield products for SCORE. Rather, they are powerful economic tools designed with the SAGE resource and crafting economy in mind. That said, the addition of SCORE utility in this Claim Stake campaign is to reward players enrolling their ships into the Faction Fleet as the release of Claim Stakes in SAGE approaches. While the sale of Claim Stakes is proceeding as before, it is important for every single player to understand the true value of Claim Stakes, which is in the immense economic benefit of their productive capabilities in SAGE - and not from scarcity.

Each new Claim Stake bought during the Start Sequence will entitle the buyer to an airdrop of one Mining Drill and one Power Plant of the same Tier - for example, the buyer of one new Claim Stake Tier 1 will receive one Tier 1 Drill and one Tier 1 Power Plant. These items will be dropped to buyers after the Start Sequence campaign ends.

More of these Claim Stakes will be sold on the primary marketplace at a later point in the future: New players in the galactic ecosystem will have the ability to purchase claim stakes in very limited and very carefully selected quantities, and we will ensure that quantities on offer match up with the size of the Star Atlas ecosystem ahead of any release. We neither want nor anticipate players to purchase Claim Stakes based on their scarcity, but principally for their immense utility in SAGE. We hope players will make the decision that is best for them based on the detailed information provided here.

Claim Stakes and Economic Balance

We will also rebalance the economy with respect to previously created Claim Stakes by declaring these outstanding Claim Stakes as “Legacy Claim Stakes” which will be redeemed for equivalent value as outlined in the ReBirth Meta-Poster Campaign in 2021. Players will receive 1 new Claim Stake for every Redemption Ratio worth of Legacy Claim Stakes they hold according to this table:

Claim Stake Redemption Program

To address a balancing issue with the currently outstanding Claim Stakes, now referred to as Legacy Claim Stakes, we will run a redemption program converting the Legacy Claim Stakes into current Claim Stakes. This rebalancing retains the total in-game value of the Legacy Claim Stakes. The need for rebalancing is due to early development numbers for claim stakes and current SAGE numbers being out of sync.

This rebalancing process involves converting multiple Legacy Claim Stakes for one new claim stake of the same tier. These redemption rates ensure that the ReBirth Value of the legacy claim stake is maintained across the conversion. This will ensure that players receive the full approximate in-game value proposed during the ReBirth campaign by converting the Legacy Claim Stake numbers into new ones. This will be done using the new prices and quantities that have been carefully selected for SAGE.

The rebalance will take place automatically via a “snapshot and airdrop” methodology. The snapshot was taken on December 1 at 4:00pm EST. The redemption airdrop will be processed on December 19 at 12:00pm EST. Legacy Claim Stake holders do not need to take any action to receive the new Claim Stakes in their wallet. As any change in balance of Legacy Claim Stakes following the snapshot will not be reflected in the future airdrop, please refrain from trading these assets on any secondary markets (i.e. Serum). There will be no conversion or change to historically distributed mining facilities, including power plants, mining drills, and space stations.

Solarpunk - Sustainable Vision of Tomorrow - Brought to you by CARY Farm Poster Set

In addition to the distribution of rebalanced SAGE Claim Stakes, Legacy Claim Stakes will be converted into a new digital collectible poster series: "Solarpunk - Sustainable Vision of Tomorrow - Brought to you by CARY Farm” chronicling the ascension of the civilian branch of the prestigious Calico manufacturer, CARY Farming.

Calico Agricultural Research and Yield - or CARY for short - is an intergalactic joint venture between the MUD and Mierese shareholders of Calico to face off against the growing influence of the ECOS terraforming communities in the medium-risk zone populations.

CARY is focused on proving to the galactic community that the Council of Peace factions, particularly MUD, are committed to the best possible practices regarding sustainable farming, food, and supply chain safety across the galaxy. The company has been very successful on this political and economic battlefront, managing to curb the ECOS influence in the outskirts of the medium-risk zone.

The rise of this agri-space manufacturer will be displayed in these exclusive posters for all the holders participating in the redemption campaign, making it an exclusive collection item.

Here are the poster rewards that will be given to each one of the holders by different tiers.

Poster: The First Coded Seeds Crop - Legacy Claim Stake Tier 1
Poster: Automated Plague Control - Legacy Claim Stake Tier 2
Poster: Perpetual Farming Lands - Legacy Claim Stake Tier 3
Poster: The Atmo-Harvester - Legacy Claim Stake Tier 4
Poster: The New Paradigm of Sustainability - Legacy Claim Stake Tier 5

If you purchased a Legacy Claim Stake on the secondary marketplace since the first Claim Stake Start Sequence Campaign Announcement and believe you were negatively affected by the redemption process, please get in touch with the Star Atlas team via Discord.

Read more about the first part of the Golden Era Start Sequence and Our Path Towards Tomorrow. Browse the full Start Sequence Asset Catalog [PDF].


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