Star Atlas Revolutionary Technology Reaches Escape Velocity: Real-time Fully On-chain Space Movement on Solana

The Star Atlas Golden Era: Escape Velocity feature gears players to find in-game loot, including spaceships, by flying around, showcasing novel web3 technology, and powering the upcoming browser game module SAGE. Play now.

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The Beginning of the Golden Era

April 26 (4/26), Las Vegas NV --- Star Atlas is releasing a technical showcase of novel mechanics that take on-chain movement to the next level. This innovation is a pillar of the future of the metaverse that has never been done before and sets the new benchmark for the future of player-owned gaming.

The gaming community taking part in this historic event will stress test the entirely blockchain-based movement system at scale. Testing of this new motion standard will enhance the robustness and resilience of all future releases of Star Atlas: Golden Era (SAGE) being built upon this foundation. While no actual game mechanic from SAGE is part of this release, the full game aims to feature a similar movement logic. Gamers can look forward to seeing further innovative tech releases in the future.

Players can experience this groundbreaking feature and see the magic of moving through the blockchain in the form of exploring 3D space with a spaceship. By flying around the Galia Expanse of the galaxy in Star Atlas, the underlying technology enabling this real-time gameplay will have players traveling through the smart contract across live Solana blockchain blocks.

Escape Velocity is the next major phase in a series leading up to the release of SAGE, a browser-based game unfolding in the Star Atlas universe, following the Start Sequence campaign that began in late 2022.

It also represents a first glimpse at the upcoming SAGE product line-up. SAGE aims to combine use of the game's assets with a fully blockchain-executed gameplay experience that offers modularity and opportunities for third party developers. It emerges as not just a game, but a platform upon which open-access innovative development can occur.

Escape Velocity 101

Escape Velocity is a scavenger hunt. In the gameplay, each sector (grid) displayed in the map corresponds to an on-chain location in a 100 x 100 cartesian coordinate system.

The different colors correspond to the density of each sector.

While the Escape Velocity serves as a technical test phase internally, the experience has been upgraded with a bespoke scanning and loot distribution mechanic that allows players to receive loot in periodic intervals.

Escape Velocity also features an "observe mode", high-fidelity audio, and adjustable basic settings, and more interactive elements to make testing more fun and engaging.

Under the hood of the novel gameplay technology is a powerful end-tech data communication pipeline and a system consisting of a high-level tech flow, transaction processing, Solana state changing, and front-end programming to deliver a seamless movement experience.

By moving through galactic space, players are able to win items from a global loot pool that can reach over $600k USDC in coveted Star Atlas in-game assets.

Reaching Escape Velocity for the Treasure Hunt

Whether you're in it for the tech or the loot, learn the basics below to get started on how SAGE Escape Velocity works.

The Platinum Tier Loot for Escape Velocity /// The Initial Loot Table /// Player-owned In-game Assets

Quickstart in seven steps

  • Step 1: Head to
  • Step 2: Connect Solana wallet
  • Step 3: Press "Play"
  • Step 4: Spawn your ship
  • Step 5: Right-click your ship to warp to a new coordinate
  • Step 6: Right-click your ship to scan a coordinate
  • Step 7: Repeat for a chance to receive loot

To follow step-by-step instructions, see our how-to video.

The first step to joining the game feature is going to, connecting your Solana wallet, and locking 1000 ATLAS (fully refundable) for each ship you want to use.

The amount locked serves as a mechanism to help prevent botting in the system, and by doing that, your fleet will be entitled to compete in this tech showcase for as long as it lasts.

You may also undo your locking, which will give you back the full ATLAS amount. To do so, you only have to click "Despawn ship," which will take you out of the game and return your ATLAS.

If you feel lucky or skillful enough, get ready to seek the many treasures dispersed across Galia Expanse.

The gameplay itself is straightforward. You will discover that you always spawn in the center of the explorable space at coordinate 0,0. Every player will see a complete map of 10,000 sectors, 100x100 each on the X and Y plane. Every one of the 10,000 grids represents a sector in Galia Expanse, which you can visit if you are within warping distance, and some of them might contain in-game treasures.

For those who are blockchain-savvy, you will be happy to learn that each one of those grids is a cartesian coordinate in the Solana blockchain. This means that, from now on, the Star Atlas universe will be publicly on-chain.

Of the 10,000 grid units, 51 of them are populated with a star system, but for now, don't think much of it. They are purely visual and are there to show you the potential for galactic exploration over time.

Getting back to the game, the mechanics are straightforward. All you have to do is click on the grids and move your fleets around; Upon arrival, you can scan the system, hoping to find spoils among the wrecks of the Council and the outlaw factions fight.

Notice that both actions, warping and scanning, will have a small cooldown associated with them, so take a few seconds to plan each of your movements!

Easy and simple enough, right? What if we can make it a little more fun and strategic by adding a couple more features and information?

After all, there are some big loot items, including a Tankship, so we should make things more entertaining!

Let's get down to business.

The Rules of SAGE: Escape Velocity

First of all, a couple of fundamental rules that make the game strategic and dynamic.

Here they are:

  • Once a Treasure Spawns, it stays in the sector of its spawning until a player finds it.
  • Most of the Treasures will have charges, meaning that more than one player could get the spawned treasure. Once one of them is found, it will send a signal to every player in the galaxy telling which one was located and where. Please note that this feature won't be available in the initial release but will follow in the first Escape Velocity update shortly thereafter.
  • Players won't be able to see other players on the map directly yet, but they will be able to see a heat map representing overall player activity in the sector. A color and a number at the bottom of the Sector will mark this heat map.
  • The ship's warping capacity limits movement and it's not instantaneous. When you select the ship you want to move, the game will highlight the grids a ship can warp to and an estimated arrival time.
  • Every ship will be able to warp and scan individually, with an individual 30-second cooldown for scanning and a 60-second cooldown for warping.
  • The loot table pattern is 100% random, meaning there is no way of knowing when a drop will occur. Still, the value of the drops is influenced by three variables: 1) the number of players in the SAGE movement test, 2) the number of actions players are committing in the movement test, and 3) sheer probability.

Using this information, players can devise many strategies to pave their path to a successful hunt. While we don't want to give ideas away, we can say that coordination and strategic movement can increase the odds of finding loot.


The Diamond Tier Loot for Escape Velocity /// The Initial Loot Table /// Player-owned In-game Assets

Finally, here are the treasures you will be competing against other players to acquire.

Escape Velocity features a massive treasure trove of in-game assets for each month the treasure hunt goes on. The amount of treasure dropping will depend on the player’s engagement in this activity.

Even though the odds of getting a treasure every time you warp and scan a star system remain a mystery, the distribution of possible treasures once they drop is known. Check the loot table below.

SAGE: Escape Velocity /// The Initial Loot Table /// Player-owned In-game Assets

As we've emphasized before, Escape Velocity is a technical showcase, and as a test environment, it is designed to work as a sandbox, with frequent updates, changes in mechanics, and features. We've just made one such change in the calculation of loot probabilities, enabling loot to be found more frequently.

Do you and your friends have what it takes to find all the loot and mark your name on the Metaverse history? We can only wish you luck, Captain.

May the cosmic currents guide your path --- the Golden Era glimmers ahead!

Play Escape Velocity now.


Star Atlas is a next-gen gaming metaverse emerging from the confluence of state-of-the-art blockchain, real-time graphics, multiplayer video games, and decentralized financial technologies.

Using Unreal Engine 5's Nanite, real-time graphics technology allows for cinematic quality video game visuals. In addition, blockchain technology using the Solana protocol establishes a largely serverless and secured gameplay experience. Non-fungible tokens obtained and traded within Star Atlas create an economy that replicates tangible world assets and ownership. To learn more, visit, join a faction at, send your spaceships on a deep space mission by enrolling them in a Faction Fleet, harvesting resources with Faction Claims and download the Showroom on your PC.


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