Star Atlas DAO Releases ATLAS Locker

In addition to POLIS, players can now lock their ATLAS for any desired duration and enjoy multiple in-game benefits

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“The path for prosperity is simple, but not easy. All you have to understand is that the economy operates under laws of its own: If you can manage to tame your desires in the short term and produce value to others, Atlas will become your obedient servant. If you can’t, it will become your most terrible master.” - Lesson nº 11 of The Most Successful Guide of Common Sense Material for Space Exploration.

Star Atlas Metaverse, September 29, 2022 – Attention, explorers and Star Atlas players of all factions! Our grand strategy game took a big leap forward today with the release of important news: the Star Atlas DAO has unveiled a locker for ATLAS, the in-game currency. Users who lock a portion of their ATLAS holdings will enjoy discounts on secondary NFT asset sales on the Galactic Marketplace, as well as incentives in POLIS tokens, which are the governance token for the DAO.

Overview of the Economic Architecture of Star Atlas

The introduction of the ATLAS Locker connects the three key pillars of the Star Atlas economy — the Game, DAO, and Marketplace — into a virtuous feedback cycle. It does this via double economic loops that drive players to move between pillars in both directions.

Chart showing the double loop economic structure with new ATLAS locking features highlighted.

The interconnected game, DAO and Marketplace

While gaming is the centerpiece of our metaverse, the Marketplace is the entry and exit point for the player experience. A player uses it to buy ships and assets when they enter the game, and again any time they want to sell anything they have collected or crafted along the way. Beyond that, the Marketplace acts as the engine room for the entire economy. It facilitates commerce between players and in the future will be critical for crafting and manufacturing supply chain loops as they are introduced.

The universal DAO drives the future of game development and puts POLIS stakeholders firmly at the wheel of game development decision making. Within the game, sub DAOs at the faction and regional level enable ingame political strategy, one of the core pillars of Star Atlas.

Moving in the other direction, the game is the primary driver of revenue to the DAO. This is accomplished through the recapture of a variety of operating expenses that occur during game play. For example, purchasing R4 (food, fuel, ammunition, repair kits) to participate in Faction Fleet.

By setting POLIS as the reward mechanism to ATLAS locking, players can utilize ATLAS to gain access to governance and political strategy and become further integrated into the ecosystem.

With the addition of fees, the Marketplace becomes yet another driver of revenue into the DAO. This is really important as we start to rebalance economic drivers between players and POLIS stakeholders.

With the added feature of the ATLAS locker providing discounts to fees on the Marketplace, we’ve completed one of the core architectural loops – a huge win for all of us in the Star Atlas community.

Ramifications for game play

Starting today, a 6% sellers’ fee – charged to the seller or producer of assets (not the buyer) on secondary sales only – will go active on the Star Atlas Galactic Marketplace. The collected fees are split between ATMTA, as the developer of the Galactic Marketplace, and the Star Atlas DAO in a 67/33 percent split. The DAO’s share will be sent directly to the treasury where it will be used by the DAO, via on-chain and decentralized governance, for the benefit of the ecosystem.

Savvy sellers who have locked ATLAS tokens will receive discounted fees on sales. Based upon the amount of ATLAS tokens locked, sellers can activate a fee reduction between 10% and 85%.

Additionally, 10,800,000 POLIS tokens will be distributed to ATLAS locker participants over the next eight years. These rewards will start September 30, 2022 with the release of over 4,000 POLIS on day one, and will be distributed to participants based on their pro-rata share of all locked ATLAS tokens for a given day.

These emissions end on September 29, 2030 when the last 2620.277725 tokens will be distributed. The full rewards schedule can be found here.

Be aware that locked ATLAS tokens are subject to a 21 day cooldown period before they can be withdrawn from the locker, which users must initiate by immediately forgoing both marketplace discounts and POLIS rewards upon request of withdrawal.

How to lock your ATLAS

The ATLAS locker is a powerful economic tool with in-game benefits that any player can choose to employ. Success in the game of Star Atlas will come not only to some who play hard, but especially to those who play smart.

For a step by step guide on how to lock ATLAS, watch the How To Lock ATLAS video tutorial or follow the steps below:

  1. Go to and launch the DAO app
  2. Connect a wallet
  3. Click on ‘Lockers’ (tab)
  4. Under ‘ATLAS LOCKER’ click on ‘Lock Tokens’ (link)
    • Lock amount and lock button (bottom left)
    • Marketplace discount (in center)
    • Rewards claim (at top)
    • Withdraw button (bottom right corner)

More information

Answers to specific questions and more information can be found on our knowledge base at, as well as the ATLAS Locker page of the app.

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