Destination Starbase: Rush Towards Prosperity in Star Atlas Intensifies

Newly unveiled class of Armstrong resource extraction ships and new generation of ship configurations to play key role in upcoming game modules, preparing players for building their home among the stars.

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Star Atlas has begun a new phase on the path to SAGE, its iterative browser-based game release, with a reveal of a brand new kind of spaceships that equips players' fleets for gameplay in a real resource economy. As mining ships, the vessels will play a key role in the upcoming SAGE iteration that will introduce space resource extraction and crafting gameplay loops. Leading up to and following the next release of SAGE, these ships also have dual functionality through use in Faction Fleet and Faction Claims gameplay. The ship brochure is available here [PDF].

The new mining class ships bring three major sets of benefits for the current Faction Fleet and Faction Claims as well as the upcoming SAGE gameplay module:

  • Dual function: Ships can serve as resource extractors or combat vessels, earning ATLAS or R4 resources depending on player need (in Faction Fleet or in Faction Claims)
  • Greater mobility: In SAGE, resource extraction is crucial and unlike claim stakes, mining ships can move between resource hotspots to harvest materials
  • Key to autonomy in space: In SAGE and beyond, ships have the ability to make player fleets self-sufficient in deep space, reducing the reliance on external supply chains

A 50% discount is being applied to the first 30% of all mining ships on sale. With their resource (R4) production rates approaching those of Claim Stakes, this effectively means that they produce at a rate equivalent to their origination price.

As part of Destination Starbase, we are also releasing an upgrade to individual ship configurations of all vessels, deprecating the current configuration structure. Along with the current ship release, any new ship release will be released with V2 configs.

The Mining Class Ships Unveiled

The all-new mining ship class from the Armstrong Industries manufacturer consists of three ship models of varied size and rarity. Initially, at a 50% price discount, exactly 30% of the total supply of each of these ships for Tranche 1 is being made available for sale in the Galactic Marketplace.

The total quantity for all three ships is divided into three tranches, each with its own price step:

  • Tranche 1: 30% of the total ship quantity; 50% discount on the origination price
  • Tranche 2: Another 30% of the total ship quantity; no discount on the origination price
  • Tranche 3: The remaining 40% of the total ship quantity; 10% price premium on origination price

For all three ships, only Tranche 1 is being released initially. Tranche 2 and possibly Tranche 3 for either of the individual ship models will become available either when a full tranche supply is sold out, or when the next SAGE gameplay module with resource extraction and crafting gets released --- whichever comes first.

As with all other assets currently listed for primary sales, half of these three new ships are available on the marketplace on the USDC trading pair and the other half on the ATLAS pair.

With the multi-phase Start Sequence through late 2022 and early 2023 and a subsequent Escape Velocity release, Star Atlas has been pursuing fast-paced development. With innovative fully on-chain technology and game mechanics, the team is delivering new gameplay to its player base while growing the ecosystem and increasing its economic complexity. To enable players to keep up with the pace of evolving gameplay and modules, new assets and game mechanics are being offered to them on a continuous basis.

Destination Starbase /// Armstrong IMP Mining Ship at Work /// Player Owned In-game Asset

New Armstrong Ships

Destination Starbase introduces a special new mining class of ships made by the manufacturer Armstrong Industries: The IMP, which stands for Industrial Mining Platform.

These three ship models have a unique dual function, being able to take part in ship missions or used to harvest resources. They can currently serve either as participating ships in the Faction Fleet to earn ATLAS or as resource generators in Faction Claims to emit R4 resources. In the future, this class of ships will play a vital role in the galactic economy.

Ship Daily ATLAS Emissions Daily R4 Consumption
Fuel Food Toolkits Ammo
Armstrong Industries IMP 1,107.84 31,690 31,690 28,168 2,347
Armstrong Industries IMP Tap 104.443 4,513 4,513 4,011 334
Armstrong Industries IMP Tip 36.235 1,404 1,404 1,248 104
Ship Daily R4 Emissions Faction Claims Cadence (in days)
Fuel Food Toolkits Ammo
Armstrong Industries IMP 712,900.86 726,143.00 656,912.65 752,558.02 5 days 9.5 hours
Armstrong Industries IMP Tap 62,984.91 64,154.86 58,038.34 66,488.63 3 days 14.4 hours
Armstrong Industries IMP Tip 22,299.15 22,713.36 20,547.87 23,539.61 2 days 16.8 hours

In Star Atlas, the Armstrong IMP ship line represents the next generation of mining. It is meant to evolve the tactility of operators and miners, but also flaunt their functional prowess. The Armstrong IMP line of ships have, as the name suggests, arms and a core strength that can maneuver better than any other mining ship to date. Armstrong Industries claims that IMP stands for stability through excellence in the galaxy, and that without ships like the IMP family, the ability for the galaxy to mine with efficiency would be lost.

1. Armstrong IMP

Destination Starbase /// Armstrong IMP Mining Ship /// Player Owned In-game Asset

Rarity: Legendary /// Class: Capital /// Vehicle Spec: Miner /// Manufacturer: Armstrong Industries /// Model: IMP /// Length: 443m /// Height: 262m

Tranche 1 Available Supply: 111 /// Total Supply: 370

Tranche 1 Price: 13,750 USDC /// Origination Price: 27,500 USDC

Daily R4 Emissions (Faction Claims):

Fuel: 712,900 /// Food: 726,143 /// Toolkits: 656,913 /// Ammo: 752,558

Daily ATLAS Emissions (Faction Fleet): 1,108

There comes a moment, in each civilization. Among all people. In every life. When we must choose. Do we stay, or do we go? Do our arms recoil, or do they reach? Do we succumb to fear, or do we dare to dream? Representing a monolithic achievement in deep-space industrial mining platforms, the Armstrong Industries IMP delivers unparalleled resource recovery, onboard refinement, and autonomous offloading capabilities. Ensuring that your civilization will build above and beyond, that your people will conquer the competition, and that you will realize your dreams of a better future. Armstrong Industries: We Achieve the Impossible.

See the ship in the Galactic Marketplace.

2. Armstrong IMP Tap

Destination Starbase /// Armstrong IMP Tap Mining Ship /// Player Owned In-game Asset

Rarity: Rare /// Class: Medium /// Vehicle Spec: Miner /// Manufacturer: Armstrong Industries /// Model: IMP Tap /// Length: 47.8m /// Height: 48.5m

Tranche 1 Available Supply: 1,235 /// Total Supply: 4,115

Tranche 1 Price: 1,215 USDC /// Origination Price: 2,430 USDC

Daily R4 Emissions (Faction Claims):

Fuel: 62,985 /// Food: 64,155 /// Toolkits: 58,038 /// Ammo: 66,489

Daily ATLAS Emissions (Faction Fleet): 104

When we are asked why we reach, for the moon, the stars, and beyond. We respond. Because they are there. Because it is our destiny. Destined to follow in the lunar footsteps of its flagship IMP, the IMP Tap brings Armstrong's industrial mining supremacy to bear in a heavy-duty, Medium Class platform. Equipped with signature best-in-class, deep-core feasibility scanners, an onboard bioleaching and alloy streaming refinery, and a forward "cruncher-muncher" drilling array, the Armstrong IMP Tap is set to make its mark on mining operations, galaxy-wide. Armstrong Industries: We Achieve the Impossible.

See the ship in the Galactic Marketplace.

3. Armstrong IMP Tip

Destination Starbase /// Armstrong IMP Tip Mining Ship /// Player Owned In-game Asset

Rarity: Uncommon /// Class: Small /// Vehicle Spec: Miner /// Manufacturer: Armstrong Industries /// Model: IMP Tip /// Length: 26m /// Height: 17.3m /// Width: 28.7m

Tranche 1 Available Supply: 3,060 /// Total Supply: 10,200

Tranche 1 Price: 430 USDC /// Origination Price: 860 USDC

Daily R4 Emissions (Faction Claims):

Fuel: 22,299 /// Food: 22,713 /// Toolkits: 20,547 /// Ammo: 23,539

Daily ATLAS Emissions (Faction Fleet): 36

Mining in space is not easy. It is hard. But with the high risk comes high reward. Introducing the Armstrong IMP Tip. A powerful, compact, entry-level platform, the IMP Tip brings the challenge of deep-space industrial mining to the masses. Packed with an oversized scanner array, comfortable workstations for long hours onsite, and equipped with both grinding and drilling rig-operated appendages, the Tip allows a lean operation to do more, with less. For those who face hardship, with hard labor, every day --- the Armstrong IMP Tip. Armstrong Industries: We Achieve the Impossible.

See the ship in the Galactic Marketplace.

See the full Armstrong Industries ship brochure now [PDF].

Ship Configuration Upgrade

Until now, each ship available on the Galactic Marketplace has had a first-generation (V1) Ship Configuration that summarized its properties across the Crew, Components, and Modules categories. The system served as a way to provide broad early insight into the makeup of each of the ships. To achieve fully balanced gameplay within a real economy in the upcoming game releases, this system has been improved through a complete overhaul.

The second generation of Configuration Updates (V2) changes the Asset Types in new configs in several important ways and gives them a precise definition, including for Crew, Crew Stations, Components, Modules, and Interior Elements asset types.

Currently, while the Destination Starbase campaign is ongoing, Crew Stations and Interior modules are still work in progress and will be added in the future.

Furthermore, some key Modules from the V1 Ship Configuration, such as Hangar Bays, Mess Halls and Brigs, are moving to Interior Elements asset type, so they won't be available in the Galactic Marketplace data sets until updated with the new config. Please note that during this period, configs may be updated individually for each ship, which means that the ship data may not be comparable during this transitional period.

Detailed release notes with the list of changes in the upgraded second generation of ship Configuration is published in the Star Atlas lore wiki here.

More updates to the new Ship Configuration system will follow in the future.


Star Atlas is a next-gen gaming metaverse emerging from the confluence of state-of-the-art blockchain, real-time graphics, multiplayer video games, and decentralized financial technologies.

Using Unreal Engine 5's Nanite, real-time graphics technology allows for cinematic quality video game visuals. In addition, blockchain technology using the Solana protocol establishes a largely serverless and secured gameplay experience. Non-fungible tokens obtained and traded within Star Atlas create an economy that replicates tangible world assets and ownership. To learn more, visit, join a faction at, send your spaceships on a deep space mission by enrolling them in a Faction Fleet, harvesting resources with Faction Claims and download the Showroom on your PC.


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