Legendary Surprise for ReBirth Meta-Poster Rewards Pilot and Captain License Holders

Star Atlas in-game Pilot License and Captain License are being replaced with Sammy Banx, a Legendary Pilot Crew Card and Anna Tolle, an even rarer Anomaly Captain Crew Card.

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Star Atlas Legendary Pilot Crew Card and Anomaly Captain Crew Card /// In-Game Player-owned Assets /// Full Metaverse Experience

In addition to Faction Selection and Profile registration, new Star Atlas Trailer and extra ship drops, this week brings another surprise for the Star Atlas community: Legendary and Anomaly Pilot & Captain Crew Cards!

The Legendary Pilot Crew Card features an Exclusive Crew Member by the name of Sammy Banx, a MUD Academy graduated human pilot and a space flight veteran.

The Anomaly Captain Crew Card features an Exclusive Crew Member called Anna Tolle, the most renowned Captain of the MUD Faction with almost supernatural deep space navigation abilities.

Original ReBirth Rewards

During the Star Atlas meta-poster ReBirth campaign in which the intergalactic metaverse was revealed, the collectors of immersive AR NFT experiences with soundscapes were rewarded with Loot Box Rewards based on the collected combinations. The Tier 1 level of rewards awarded a Pilot License whereas Tier 3 brought a Captain License.

Star Atlas Pilot and Captain License /// In-game Earned Assets /// Immersive Play-to-Own Environment

The Pilot License permitted a player to pilot any ship with two or more crew stations, whereas a Captain’s License permitted to captain any ship with three or more crew stations.

After the rewards drop, we halted the trading of these items on the Galactic Marketplace to improve the License gameplay functionality in unison with the community, taking in the feedback about earning licenses instead of simply trading your way to them.

New Gameplay Mechanics for Licenses

As a result, the functionality of licenses being NFTs is now deprecated. Future Licenses will be non-transferable and permanently tied to an account (wallet), similar to the permanent faction enlistment, and obtainable through mission givers in Star Atlas. Furthermore, the vast portion of license purchase cost will go towards Faction and Council DAO taxes.

To reward existing (deprecated) license holders and their trust in Star Atlas, all Pilot Licenses have been replaced with a Legendary Pilot Crew Card and all Captain Licenses with an Anomaly Captain Crew Card.

Power to the people!

Legendary Pilot Crew Card: Sammy Banx

Sammy Banx /// Crew Member /// Human /// Male /// Legendary

Sammy Banx comes from a humble heritage of terrafarmers. As he grew more interested in the expansion of his family’s agricultural foundation, he spent many lonesome hours as an aerospace scout in search of new extraterrestrial plots to cultivate. He also had a fascination for the engineering of vessels particularly focused on moon-based data validation. As a MUD Academy trainee, Sammy was almost immediately tested out of all flight courses. He was the only surviving member of the now infamous Foul IO party from a Tufa ambush circa 2613. His survival was fully credited by his maneuvering skills and with all his practical experience of piloting, course plotting and now a certified MA grade pilot, his celebrity amplified across the MUD Faction as a verifiable pilot of legend.

Specifications: Crew Member /// Human /// Male /// Legendary

Exclusive Crew Member that you can assign to a Pilot role on your ship.

See Sammy Banx on the Galactic Marketplace.

Anomaly Captain Crew Card: Anna Tolle

Anna Tolle /// Crew Member /// Human /// Female /// Anomaly

Captain Anna Tolle is the most celebrated and decorated Captain of the MUD Faction. Her strict upbringing under faction-accredited boarding schools caused her to divert from her elected career in interplanetary hospitality and instead sought a fate in the ship races. Within a year, Anna was crowned Prime Champion of the Tri-Faction Circuit and held that status for 3 years. She used that experience to start her own racing & development team called the Sola Protocol. Under her leadership, the team discovered new breakthroughs that shaved minutes off of long established galactic records on the most popular courses. Anna quickly realized her calling as a leader and returned to Captain’s training at MUD Academy. Her aptitude for the training was unprecedented and MUD Academy’s Captains curriculum required an update to account for her anomalous abilities.

Specifications: Crew Member /// Human /// Female /// Anomaly

Exclusive Crew Member that you can assign to a Captain role on your ship containing three or more crew stations.

See Anna Tolle on the Galactic Marketplace.


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