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How it Works

If you or your organization want to commit to a purchase of large amounts of Star Atlas NFT assets to enhance your fleet, use this tool to be considered for the Fleet Purchase Program.

First, dutifully fill in and submit the form below. Depending on the information you provide, Star Atlas spaceship manufacturers may at their full discretion choose to approve your request of upfront payment for their ships at fair market prices, taking into account an array of parameters, such as the impact on the galactic economy and your own level of commitment to the community.

Terms of Sale

For the protection of players and general ecosystem health, failure to accurately disclose or obfuscate any material pertinent to this inquiry form may result in restricting Fleet Purchase privileges. Fleet Purchase Program has additional requirements for participation, which includes existing ownership of Star Atlas assets, including ATLAS and POLIS.

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If this changes in the future a plan must be re-submitted prior to token release.


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